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The story focuses on Madame Souza, a senior lady raising her young grand son, Champion. Souza notifications her grand son is sad as well as lonely, hinted as because of the loss of his parents, so she initially attempts to get him interested in the piano. When this falls short, she buys him a young puppy called Bruno to applaud him up. Although he is at first pleased, he promptly becomes melancholic once again. After uncovering that Champion has an eager interest in road bicycle racing, since it is suggested that Champ's dead parents were bicyclists, she acquires him a tricycle. Years later, Champ becomes an expert cyclist with Souza as his coach.

At some point, Champion goes into the Excursion de France however throughout the race, he and also 2 other riders are abducted by 2 French mafia henchmen and gave the dynamic metropolitan area of Belleville.
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Souza and also Bruno follow the males, however shed their route soon after reaching the city. Shed and with no means to locate Champion, Souza has a chance experience with the distinguished Belleville triplets, songs hall vocalists from the 1930s, now elderly females turned improvisational artists. The sis take Souza to their home and over time she ends up being a component of their team. On the other hand, the mafia boss medications the abducted cyclists as well as employs a mechanic to build a stationary cycling machine for the racers to race on-- to create their very own mini Tour de France for gambling.

At an elegant dining establishment, the Triplets and also Souza do a jam session using a paper, fridge, vacuum cleaner as well as bike wheel as instruments. The mafia manager who abducted her grandson takes place to be in the same restaurant and also, with the help of Bruno, Souza recognizes he has Champ. She tails one of the Mafia's minions the following day and uncovers their plan. That evening, a number of crowd managers and also their henchmen come to the mafia hideout as well as location bank on the riders (one of which diminishes his bike from fatigue, at which point the bookmaker fires him as one would certainly a damaged steed). Madame Souza, Bruno and also the triplets after that infiltrate the hideout as well as mess up the device, unlocking it from the ground and also turning it right into a pedal-powered vehicle on which they all breaking away. The mob henchmen seek them, yet are all combated in the middle of the chase. The film finishes with the motley team riding on out of Belleville, as well as a flashforward to an elderly Champion assessing the adventure, as informed to him by the then-deceased Souza.

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