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BRAVE film

In Medieval Scotland, Merida, a young princess of the clan Dunbroch, is provided a bow and arrows by her daddy, King Fergus, for her birthday. Her mother, Queen Elinor, is disappointed. While venturing right into the timbers to bring a stray arrowhead, Merida runs into a will-o'-the-wisp. Soon afterwards, Mor'du, a massive demon-bear, strikes the family members. Merida runs away on horseback with Elinor, while Fergus combat Mor'du at the cost of his left leg.

Ten years later on, Merida, now a free-spirited young woman, uncovers that she is to be betrothed to the kid of one of her papa's allies, a lot to her dismay. Reminding Merida of a legend of a royal prince whose satisfaction and refusal to follow his daddy's wishes damaged his kingdom, Elinor alerts her that failing to consent to the engagement can damage Dunbroch.
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The allied clan chieftains arrive with their first-born children to contend in the Highland ready Merida's hand in marital relationship. Merida bents the regulations, revealing that she is qualified to contend for her very own hand as the first-born of Clan Dunbroch. She beats each of her suitors in an archery competition, shaming the other clans and resulting in a disagreement with Elinor. When Merida leaves, she follows the wisps to the hut of an elderly witch. Merida deals with the witch, as well as receives a captivated cake that will transform her fate.

When Merida offers the cake to Elinor, it causes Elinor to change right into a black bear. Merida goes back to the witch's cottage with Elinor, who still keeps most of her human individuality. The witch has deserted the home yet left a message: unless Merida has the ability to "repair the bond torn by satisfaction" prior to the second sunup, the spell will certainly end up being irreversible. Merida and also Elinor are led by the wisps to ancient ruins, where they run into Mor'du. Merida uncovers that he was the royal prince in the tale, changed by a similar spell. Merida pledges to her mom that she will certainly not let her come to be a wild animal like Mor'du. She believes that she could reverse the spell by repairing a tapestry she harmed during their debate.

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